Readers can alert Telegraph to breaking stories with new version of iPhone app

The Telegraph has launched a new version of its iPhone app, with new sharing features, an offline facility, and a function to alert the Telegraph to a breaking news story.

“By clicking on the ‘Report’ button, users can upload a photo and give a brief eyewitness account of breaking news,” the Telegraph reported yesterday.

“This new, improved app provides a really rich, multimedia news experience,” said Maani Safa, head of mobile at Telegraph Media Group. “We’ve made the software as easy to use as possible, and there are lots of features that readers will love.”

Its first iPhone app was launched earlier this year and it has also developed a variety of apps for BlackBerry and Google Android.

The Telegraph has also launched a citizen journalism competition to coincide with the new launch: readers are encouraged to send in ‘newsworthy’ words or images for a chance to see their item published on and win iTunes vouchers.

2 thoughts on “Readers can alert Telegraph to breaking stories with new version of iPhone app

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  2. Bob Anan

    Pitiful effort from the Telegraph really. They’re only offering £100 – and that in vouchers, not cash – for a story. If you were a freelancer you’d make a couple of times that, and you wouldn’t be paid in vouchers, either! If the paper were really serious about user-generated stories they’d put a lot more resources into a contest and paying for content. They might get a story or two on the cheap but they’re certainly not laying the groundwork for a huge uptick in crowdsourced journalism.

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