Story Curve: BBC College of Journalism site to launch on 14 December

Kevin Marsh from the BBC’s College of Journalism has more details on the forthcoming launch of the college’s public website on

“It’s all arranged into four main categories: Ethics and Values, Law, Skills and Briefing. There’s also a cross-category bit of the site – the Glossaries.
We’ve tried to keep the structure as flat as possible – the idea is that you should be able to go exactly where you want with no more than a couple of clicks (…) something that’s helped by the site’s ‘intelligent learning environment’ – each page’s metadata should ensure that you’re offered on that page something else similar or related to the learning you’re reading or watching,” writes Marsh.

“We’ll be adding new content regularly – there’s already more stuff in the pipeline on court reporting, numbers, field production and political reporting – and building what we hope will be one of the most important networks around journalism and journalism education in the world.”

Full post at this link…

More details on plans for the College of Journalism website in this report from the DNA2009 conference.

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