#soe09: Winners announced for NCTJ’s excellence awards

The winners of the National Council for the Training of Journalists’ (NCTJ) awards for excellence in journalism were announced today at the Society of Editors annual conference.

The prizes went to:

News Journalism
Student:    Tim Fletcher, City of Wolverhampton College
Trainee:    Arron Hendy, Dorset Echo

Sports Journalism
Student:    George Scott, News Associates, London
Trainee:    David Jordan, Grimsby Telegraph

Top Scoop
Student:    Juliet Conway, Brighton Journalist Works (winner)
Student:    Jessica Shankleman, Cardiff University (highly commended)

Features of the year
Student:    Harriet Webster, NoSWeat Journalism Training
Trainee:    Emily Koch, Bristol Evening Post

Images of the year
Student:    Bethany Clarke, The Sheffield College, Norton
Trainee:    Leah McLaren, Derby Telegraph

Awards for the best performance in examinations leading to the NCTJ Preliminary Certificate in Newspaper Journalism, NCE for Reporters and NCE for photographers were also presented:

NCTJ Student Journalist of the Year: Mary Hamilton, Press Association Training

NCTJ Photographer of the Year: Hannah Kinver, South Wales Evening Post

NCTJ Reporter of the Year: Victoria Carr, Wetherby News

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