Sir Christopher Meyer’s reading habits

What does the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) former chair (with a new book to plug) like to read? MediaGuardian today features Sir Christopher Meyer’s top selections. His favoured newspapers, for example:

“Coming through the letterbox each morning are the Times and the Daily Mail. On Sundays it’s the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday. The Times is a good all-round newspaper, they are going through a good patch, with an excellent website. And I always want to know what the Mail is campaigning for, because the politicians pick up on it. I especially like the Mail’s football coverage too.”

And he reads News of the World, a hangover from the PCC job:

“[I] read the News of the World online. When I was chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, I got hooked on it for professional reasons: so often we would receive complaints on a Monday, so I liked to get ahead of the curve by reading it on the Sunday.”

Full story at this link…

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