#Outlook2010: A flipbook design for newspapers?

Last week Journalism.co.uk attended the INMA and Online Publishers Association (OPA) Europe’s annual conference Outlook 2010 – the event focused on innovation, transformation and making money for media businesses. Follow our coverage at this link.

Focusing on the future of print media doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning your print product, but instead looking at what it does best and ways it can be improved – the views of several speakers at last week’s event.

But this doesn’t mean print is sacred – innovation for survival can also mean a drastic rethink of what we expect from a newspaper, even in terms of how its read.

Enter: Peter Bluijs, former newspaperman with Holland’s De Telegraaf, who is looking at the idea of the vertical newspaper:

(Video filmed by Marcin Nowak and Artur Karda from Media Regionalne, Poland)

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