Cody Brown: ‘A public can talk to itself’

Cody Brown, an undergraduate student at New York University, on the board of college publishing organisation CoPress and founder of the NYU Local blog, reveals his new project,, with a long essay on the public’s relationship with news. A very brief extract:

“When I say ‘a public can talk to itself’ I mean that a public can be counted on to share and disseminate its own news. Online, what a public needs, far more than reporters or endowed professional newsrooms, is a way for everyone to do this more effectively.”

“At the moment, we are bootstrapping. Whenever big news breaks on Twitter and thousands start commenting and adding details/screed/spam to a story we get a sense of both how exciting it is to collaborate directly in news online and how challenging it is to design a platform that handles it properly.”

Full post at this link…

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