High Court does not collect statistics on ‘super injunctions’

Statistics about non-reportable injunctions, the so-called secret ‘super injunctions’ are not collected by the High Court, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Bridget Prentice said yesterday, in answer to a written Parliamentary question.

MP Paul Farrelly tabled a written question asking the Secretary of State for Justice ‘if he will (a) collect and (b) publish statistics on the number of non-reportable injunctions issued by the High Court in each of the last five years.’

Bridget Prentice answered that the information requested is not currently available and the High Court has no intention to collate such data:

“The High Court collects figures on applications, however injunctions are not separately identifiable, and there are currently no plans to amend databases to do so.”

(Hat-tip: @loveandgarbage on Twitter)

1 thought on “High Court does not collect statistics on ‘super injunctions’

  1. Owen Lake

    In this country, judges don’t appear to be accountable to anyone in particular. Perhaps judges ought to stand for election as they do in America. The judiciary would no doubt argue against this, saying it would compromise their independence but how truly independent are they when it appears they have been unduly influenced by big corporate lawyers in the 1st instance and then to a lesser extent media.

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