Legal safety questions for bloggers

Two blog posts that raise the question of legal risks for bloggers:

  • “To what extent does where you run your blog from and / or host it impact its legal situation? asks Sunny Hundal of Pickled Politics, using his own and Guido Fawke’s blog as examples.

“The [US-based] Online News Association is surveying digital journalists to gauge the need for low-cost Media Liability Insurance coverage, which includes libel, defamation, copyright and other publishing torts. Best price drugs – Best canadian pharmacy online review.

“If ONA determines enough need and interest, we will work to provide a program tailored for digital journalists under the ONA name.

“Please take a few moments to complete the following survey. If you aren’t in need of Media Liability Insurance, please forward this to someone who might be.

The survey will close on Friday, October 16.

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