Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on Trafigura’s ‘own goal’

Following an extraordinary attempt by lawyers Carter-Ruck to stop the Guardian reporting a parliamentary question, due to an existing ‘super-injunction,’ this came from the Guardian’s editor, Alan Rusbridger last night:

“Full circle… How the #Guardian is reporting #Trafigura own goal tonight”

“That media organisations were unable to report a parliamentary question was due to a so-called ‘super-injunction’ obtained by the notorious law firm Carter-Ruck on behalf of Trafigura, a large London-based trading company. A ‘super-injunction’ is one which not only prevents any publication, but which is itself secret. Search in vain for the case in the court lists of the high court in London: it appears only as ‘RJW and SJW v The Guardian’. Under its terms, the Guardian was prevented from publishing a certain document: it was also banned from revealing that Trafigura had been to court to obtain an injunction. When we became aware that the existence of this order had been mentioned in a parliamentary question we sought to vary the terms of the injunction. We were advised by Carter-Ruck that publication would place us in contempt of court.”

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1 thought on “Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on Trafigura’s ‘own goal’

  1. ranting

    Super-Injunctions are an anathema to democracy, a gross affront to to the people of the UK, and should have ended for all time with the fall of the Nazi’s
    I dare say though that with this secretive government of surveillance and control they will flourish ….

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