Roy Greenslade: British journalism is in crisis and time is running out

A powerful plea from Roy Greenslade over at MediaGuardian today:

“Is anybody out there listening properly? Do enough people care? Are journalists themselves sticking their heads in the sand?

“We are not facing a momentous crisis in journalism. We are already in a crisis that is putting the central public service aspect of our role in jeopardy.”

In a follow-on from his column in the London Evening Standard in which he claimed there was possibility of charity funding to back public service reporting by the Press Association,  he emphasises the need for speedy rescue measures.

And he’s enthusiastic about non-commercial models:

“The reason I’m in favour of not-for-profit journalism, whether funded by charity or, at arm’s length, by state bodies, is that it breaks the link with commercialism.

“That’s a vital first step in the reinvention of journalism. What we need is a preservation of the old until the new emerges. We cannot afford to let the old die before the new is in place.”

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1 thought on “Roy Greenslade: British journalism is in crisis and time is running out

  1. M Connaughton

    Nice to see a Journalist who isn’t solely interested with lining his/her own pockets – though it would be perfectly understandable if you were!

    Whatever happened to reportagein its truest form!?!

    Murdoch, that’s what!

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