LAObserved: Open plea to Rupert Murdoch from senior editor at Fox 11

According to, Mark Sudock, senior features editor at Fox 11 has written an open letter to Rupert Murdoch, pleading that he halts lay-offs at the Los Angeles-based station.

‘Please, please do everything possible to keep what the media has accurately described as the Fox 11 bloodbath from being realised’ Sudock begs.

Around 117 workers are to due to be made redundant at KTTV Fox 11, a LA news station part of the Fox News network and owned by News Corporation. Sudock writes to Murdoch:

“The cuts are so severe that virtually no one remains on-site to technically maintain the facility. The cuts are so deep that our ability to cover the news as we did this past week (with pursuits, brush fires and the Michael Jackson funeral happening simultaneously) is in absolute jeopardy.

“Sir, if we believe the rumors, this station or the station group needs to save ten million dollars. These layoffs appear to be the solution. Please, Mr. Murdoch, see a bigger picture.”

Full letter at this link…

Via Roy Greenslade.

2 thoughts on “LAObserved: Open plea to Rupert Murdoch from senior editor at Fox 11

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  2. camera4hire

    I was also one of the casualties at Fox’s KTTV in Los Angeles.
    We were the flagship affiliate station and did not carry the views and tainted opinions of the News Channel. We were just a hard group of proud individuals, really a family, most having worked together for over 15 years.

    We were the ones that helped turn this station into a cash cow and the number one news station for over ten years. From one nightly newscast in the early years to an additional five hours in the morning.

    We sweated in the trenches covering fires, riots, mud slides, earthquakes.. along the way we gathered respect and accountability with investigative reporting. Admired in the community.

    Sure the economy has been down, ad revenue down, but the station is still making gobs of money.

    One bad year and we are punished?
    Ok, News Corp made 3.4 billion instead of 3.5.

    Rupert still had no problem handing out bonuses to the likes of Chase Carey for the tune of 10 million. I am sure our general manager Kevin Hale at KTTV also received a nice bonus as well for the massive layoff.

    Why did we not receive bonuses for all the good years? Why weren’t we rewarded?

    If Rupert is predicting the end of News as we know it, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Murdoch is killing the Golden Goose.

    The station has already dropped and sliding to number three in the ratings. That after eliminating our Sports Anchor Rick Garcia several months ago. My God, this is Los Angeles and we don’t even have a sports Reporter.

    Just wait to see how low KTTV sinks when, as of tomorrow they are left with barely anyone capable of doing the jobs that these 100 employees embraced with competence and excellence.
    My heart goes out for the talented few friends remaining, they have been chopped at the knees, being asked to do a job they no longer have the tools to do.

    Yes, the end of the News as we know it.
    Thank you Rupert.

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