Sky News ‘Leaders’ Debate’ campaign gathers pace – and criticism

Sky News’ online petition calling for a live television debate for the General Election had attracted 4080 signatures at the time of writing.

Additionally, the Sky ‘Leaders’ Debate’ Facebook campaign launched on Tuesday has 176 fans so far – as yet a counter group doesn’t seem to have been set up by its critics, ITV and the BBC.

Yesterday the Guardian reported that ITV and BBC ‘have accused Sky News of potentially scuppering a televised debate between the three main party leaders ahead of next year’s general election after the satellite channel broke cover today by saying it would hold one even if Gordon Brown did not take part’.

4 thoughts on “Sky News ‘Leaders’ Debate’ campaign gathers pace – and criticism

  1. Maureen Ryan

    I fully back a Leadership dbate, and I wish just for once Gordon Brown would have the guts to agree on the debate also. I think he will join in the debate, but he will not let you know until the eleventh hour! In the meantime, old Mandelson will be preening him for the event, but as far as I am concerned all the preenig in the world would not make Brown a good Prime Minister and I am sure he will be torn to bits by David Cameron, I certainly hope so,Brown should go and go now!!

    Maureen Ryan

  2. K.M.Drinkle

    I fully back the leaders debate,I cannot see Gordon Brown
    having the guts to go on the programme. Appart from being
    gutless,he could not accept that he and his policies have wrecked the country. The length of time its going to take to get the country out of this mess, I dont think I’ll see it in my life time, Im 65 years old, but I feel for my Grandchild. the hardship everyone is going to have to endure is unthinkable.Anyone with any morals would have resigned before now, but I dont think there is anyone in the present labour party with any morals.Mr Brown you should go NOW

  3. Frank Simmers

    I will be very surprised if Gordon Brown takes part in a live debate. In any TV interview he appears to be unable to answer a straight question put to him. He does not accept that he was the person who was in charge of the UK’s finances for many years, and during that time, allowed the thieving bankers, and the thieving MP’s, to cheat and steal. How can this person be allowed to remain in a position, where he can continue to bring the UK down with his policies of penalizing the hard worker, and give to the scroungers of society.

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