Comedy of errors? Richard Herring’s complaint with Guardian article

It’s not just authors who are using blogs to voice frustration with pieces of journalism. Comedian Richard Herring (@herring1967) has written a lengthy response to this week’s Guardian G2 feature on offensive comedy.

Herring feels that quotes and examples from his shows were used out of context, giving the impression that he was a racist. Fellow comedian Dave Gorman (@davegorman) has voiced support for Herring here.

Yesterday, after receiving widespread messages of support and with a likelihood of a right to reply in the Guardian, Herring was left feeling rather more positive and enjoyed his latest gig, which coincidentally took place next door to the Guardian’s offices on Kings Place.

2 thoughts on “Comedy of errors? Richard Herring’s complaint with Guardian article

  1. James

    Anyone who has more than a passing interest in Herring’s career will agree that the Guardian article seriously distorted the intent and content of his material in general, but especially of the Hitler’s Moustache show that he is currently developing for Edinburgh this year. Is it asking too much for a journalist to do some research before making some extremely nasty insinuations about someone else?

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