Comment Central: New commenting system for Times Online

The Times has introduced a new commenting system for its website lifting the upper word limit for comments from 300 to 2,000 and introducing a registration system.

“This will enable us to highlight and reward our best commenters, and weed out our least constructive,” writes online editor, Tom Whitwell – though no fixed reward system is mentioned, as yet.

Commenting systems differ between the paper’s blogs and the rest of its editorial content, but there are plans to switch the blogs over to the new platform.

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2 thoughts on “Comment Central: New commenting system for Times Online

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  2. David Ward

    Why is “the west” being so silly about Ukraine? We are about to let the people of Scotland decide their own future. The USA is not objecting! The people of Scotland are entitled to become an independent nation.
    In Ukraine the new government in Kiev should not expect that the whole nation is behind it. It has nothing to do with Russia but that neighbouring state is supporting a substantial number of people in Eastern Ukraine who everyone thinks would probably prefer to be a separate nation, more strongly allied to Russia, rather as the significant (but unknown number) of those living in Scotland who no longer wish to be British. The circumstances do not need to be the same. The principle of self-determination ends with “nation”.
    Why shouldn’t “the west” propose to the new Ukrainian government in Kiev that it extend to all provinces of that nation, in view of the huge political difference from the previous regime, a vote on whether they wish to remain part of the new Ukraine, or break away and form a more pro-Russian nation in the east?
    That exercise of self-determination might appear reasonable to Moscow & stop that state interfering in the matter.
    But the insistence of “the west” that Russia is reprehensible for crossing into the Ukraine totally prevents the people of eastern Ukraine from having their say in the matter.

    David Ward (Brighton, United for the time being, Kingdom).

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