MediaPost: Heavy newspaper readers also turning online in US, says survey

Some interesting US figures from a recent report by The Media Audit, which looks at lifestyle factors and socioeconomic traits in relation to an individual’s media consumption habits.

  • Individuals who spend more than an hour a day reading newspapers also spend 3.7 hours per day online;
  • Seven daily US newspapers have a net unduplicated reach of 80 per cent or more (based on combining the past month’s web traffic with print readership figure).

Quoted by MediaPost, Bob Jordan, president of The Media Audit adds:

“Daily newspapers were the first to embrace a multi-platform distribution strategy amidst a period when consumers were spending more and more time with the internet. And as a result, newspapers followed the way of the consumer. By doing so, they have broadened their reach to include younger consumers. And these consumers are buying new cars and driving sales for retailers who represent a significant portion of the newspaper industry’s revenue… ”

Full story at this link…

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