Jay Weintraub: ‘Flogging’ through fake news sites

Jay Weintraub, an internet advertising market strategist, has previously written about ‘Flogs:’

1. Fake blog
2. First-person advertorial phrased in a way that makes it look like an authentic story, presented in a format similar in look and function to blogs

Now he takes a look at what he calls the ‘Flog v2’ – ‘Fake News Sites / Fake News Articles’.

“Instead of telling a personal story using a fake person in a blog format, they tell the story from the point of view of a reporter or journalist. It doesn’t have the same level of personal connection as the ‘mom’, but treating the above like a formula, they increase the level of authenticity to compensate.”

Full post at this link…

(via via @drewbroomhall)

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