Any journalism students want to show off their news projects and sites? has spotted, and been directed to, some interesting and innovative examples of student journalism projects in recent days. Do you want to plug your own efforts? We’d like to see examples of blogs and news sites used for your final, or ongoing, projects – we’ll link to, and showcase them on this blog. Also, you can join in the conversation with other young journalists on the TNTJ blog, at this link. Spread the word!

Here’s one for starters: LondonFile, created by students on the International Journalism postgraduate course at City University.

8 thoughts on “Any journalism students want to show off their news projects and sites?

  1. Rebecca Hughes

    This was a fairly recent piece of multimedia journalism I created on a work experience placement. I introduced them to Vuvox as such sites are useful tools for local media groups with limited equipment and limited funds. The audio was borrowed from another student on the course. You can see more of the work at the University of Kent’s Centre for Journalism here

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  3. Virgin Journalist - news by journalism students


    We have a site aimed at news submissions in written, audio, video and photo journalism by student journalists. It is in it’s early days and the site will be improved as we grow.

    The goal is to have separate sections from students from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand all submitting to the site.

    There was a lack of resources for the student journalism body so a Deakin University student has created this site to assist those out there looking to improve their skills.

    Thanks and any comments greatly appreciated.

  4. Marc Johnson - CUtoday

    This was originally a project from a final year student to report on anything related to the Coventry School of Art and Design within Coventry University.

    It also provided coverage of the Play the Game conference 2009 to much praise from the University and event organisers.

    Since graduating has been taken over by new final year students. It includes editorial, videos and images from around the University.

  5. Christopher Griffiths - Visual Antics


    I have included a link to a small media project my friend and I set up whilst studying at Cardiff University.

    This link gives a good overview of what it’s about:

    Journalism/media/photography students might be interested in having a look. Its’ a really simple idea and could inspire someone to set up something similar whilst at University.

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