BBC Question Time engages with Twitter #bbcqt

The BBC current affairs programme Question Time has started watching the online debate around a Twitter hashtag, #bbcqt, that has become popular over the last several weeks. A hashtag is a way for Twitter users to create a debate around a particular topic.

During the May 14 edition of Question Time, which was dominated by questions around MPs’ Expenses and described as the most vigorous Question Time ever, there were around 3,000 Tweets during the one hour run of the programme.

Different people have used the hashtag in the past, including Mark Littlewood, who runs a blog called ‘Mark Reckons’ (@markreckons), and Marc Knobbs, who posted about the hashtag back in early March this year.

On a different note, a dedicated live blog even existed for a short time in 2007, focusing on text messages received by the programme.

Now the makers of the programme have created a Twitter account @bbcqt, and will be watching the online debate as a first ‘unofficial’ step.

You can read more information about the tools that are useful for following this volume of Twitter Traffic, and a more detailed account of the development of the Twitter #bbcqt debate, in my piece “BBC Twestion Time Takes Off with bbcqt hashtag: 3000 Tweets in one Hour“, on the Wardman Wire.

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4 thoughts on “BBC Question Time engages with Twitter #bbcqt

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  3. claire

    In my personal opinion I have to agree with Harold flight because as statistics will prove that the poorer family’s are just using the benefits for there own income. Now I am a 24 year old woman who is married and I have worked since I was 13 which was a personal choice I am now a mum of a 1 year old child. Britain is in a large amount of debt and if those who sit around and have children should be made to reconsider there life choice. People who work to support their family’s like my husband are not just working for his family but for all those who are a drain on benefits. Britain went through a world war for a freedom of speech and the point that Mr Flight was right to make it.

    The only get one benefit of £7 per week. My husband works he gets a large amount of his salary taken off him by taxes and it makes me really angry that the government are NOT looking after those who are paying tax and are working hard everyday to look after their families and the rest of the country.

    Claire Bray

  4. Hansa

    If Government want to cut why not reduce the number of MPs and lords in the will save a lot of money not just in the fat salary but also in the extras allowances and claims which sometimes mount more than mere salary of nurses and other NHS staff.
    Why not take a pay cut for them too…

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