BBC News: BBC’s Carrie Gracie tells Lord Foulkes how much she earns – on air

“How much are you paid for coming onto television… harassing Members of Parliament…? (…) How much are you being paid out of the licence fee? (…) Freedom of information: what is it?” Lord Foulkes asked the BBC’s Carrie Gracie during a heated discussion on the BBC News Channel.

“My salary is £92,000,” she quickly answered. Video below:

12 thoughts on “BBC News: BBC’s Carrie Gracie tells Lord Foulkes how much she earns – on air

  1. Cptn

    Since when has £92,0000 been nearly twice £64,000? No wonder we’re in the state we’re in.

    But these figures are meaningless to the rest of us who are happy to earn half of a half of that.

  2. Scott A.

    Well done to Carrie Gracie. The arogance of these politicians, if it wasn’t for journalist holding them to account who knows what they would do. Lord Foulkes is a shambles.

  3. Tom

    Good on Carrie Gracie! She could have clammed up and refused to answer, but she gave him an honest answer and then completed rebutted his point by pointing out that her salary was completely irrespective – we’re talking about expenses claims! What an idiot Lord Foulkes is. Wonder how he got made a Peer…

  4. Ashley

    Kudos to her, she answered fiercly and with integrity.
    Look at her biography, she has helped more people than all the mp’s put together!
    She is an extremely able and insightly lady more than capable of holding her own and much more connected to the public and the dissent in the public sector than any MP is.
    Lord Foulkes was pretty much powerless against her onslaught and his retorts were childish, personal and superfluous.

  5. Ashley

    I actually meant “insightful” but I’ve been at work all day, so permit me a spelling error or two before I lose my job.

  6. Naughty

    £92,000 a year!!….for what???!!….I’d like a breakdown of wages for employees of the bbc…especially the news see how much of the licence payers money is WASTED in this way!!

  7. Sara Jenson

    What a remarkable own goal. Carrie Gracie must be the one person on the planet who can make George Foulkes sound reasonable.

    And her closing remark about using her own telephone for calls had me cringing.

  8. Fed Up

    Well I’m glad I don’t contribute to carries wages. It’s bad enough funding the Cadillac commies in London.

    I don’t have a TV and thus do not require a license yet I get letters that state…

    “It is a criminal offence for you or any member of your household to watch or record TV programmes as they are shown on TV. Using any of the following equipment: colour or black and white TV set: DVD or video recorder: digital box: computer: or mobile phone

    If you use any such equipment at this address. you need to buy a TV License now”

    since when do you need a TV license when you own a mobile or computer? This is the tripe that is being distributed by the people that want to ultimately collect the money to pay Carrie’s wages.

  9. Jeremy

    the minute she revealed how much she earned she completely lost any sort of moral authority on the subject. She did interrupt, she did treat him with contempt, and she could have had him on the run, but he wisely personalised the argument and asked her a direct question knowing that it was reasonably safe to assume that she as a journalist would be earning a fair amount.

    she is, he was, and she lost her authority to badger him on the subject or to take any moral high ground.

  10. Tony

    Good honest british citizens must pay the liscence fee or are put in prison by the courts on behalf of the bbc to fund Carrie Gracies £92,000.00 salary. Disgracefull

  11. Tony

    The BBC is a propoganda machine. It churns out propogander like Eastenders that has its appeal to the masses, the lower classes, why? so that it can justify the liscence fee. There is no quality in this programme. This programme is made just for the reasons i’ve explained but these people, the bbc are happy to see in prison if they don’t pay for this rubbish. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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