BJP: Guardian in alleged photography rights grab

The Guardian is going to demand increased usage rights for commissioned images, according to this report.

The paper will reportedly ask for full and future usage rights, but with no extra compensation.

A Guardian spokeswoman said the matter was still under discussion.

Full story at this link…

1 thought on “BJP: Guardian in alleged photography rights grab

  1. jon pratty

    Older, hairier readers of this delightful web organ may remember in the nasty old printed past (ie 1997/8) that The Guardian was the first national to insist on freelancers signing away electronic rights (for copy, not pics) for no extra dosh, so they’ve got a bit of form when it comes to rights grabbing.

    There were all sorts of mumblings, rumblings and talk of NUJ campaigns and so on.

    The Scott Trust seemed to be driving the initiative. News International soon followed suit and by around 2000 only the Telegraph and DMGT/Evening Standard gave one a reasonable deal. Ironically!

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