When the Spokesman-Review tweets, people listen…

…or, more appropriately, watch how the paper is responding to its readers on Twitter.

An aggregation page for twitterers working for parent company Spokane Media Cowles Co has been set up, so readers can see conversations from the news org’s staff, local TV stations and followers all in one place.

Update: the site was created by Amanda Emily (@aemily) [see comments below]

Providing a directory of all Spokane Media Twitter folk, it also means you can track who’s responding and to what questions. Nice logo too:

Spokane Media website

4 thoughts on “When the Spokesman-Review tweets, people listen…

  1. Amanda

    I’m actually the manager of Spokane Media Tweets, and its not just the Spokesman-Review newspaper staff that is being tracked.

    Employees of local television stations are also included in the aggregation of tweeters.

  2. Laura Oliver

    Hi Amanda – thanks for getting in touch and sorry about getting the wrong end of the stick!

    Will update the post accordingly – so thanks for the additional details.

    While you’re here – what was your thinking behind setting up Spokane Media Tweets?

  3. Amanda

    Hello Laura,

    At the last television station I worked at, I spent some time evangelizing the use of social media in the newsroom and reaching out to viewers on their terms.

    I’m also a believer in transparency in order to retain media credibility and social media provides that to some extent since it puts a human face on something that is often regarded as “a faceless corporate beast” by the public.

    In the television world, competition is what encourages newsrooms to try something that they may not be accustomed or even apprehensive to using. Posting theirs and competing media organization’s two-way tweets with the public is my way to try to encourage community participation and to attempt to at least try to put a human face onto all of our organizations.

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