The PCC’s annual report 2008: visualised

The 2008 report from the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) released today suggests 4,698 complaints about British newspapers and magazines in total were received by the body last year – an increase of 8 per cent on 2007.

Other headline figures include: 1,420 rulings on different cases (+16 per cent on 2007); and 524 complaints for Matthew Parris’ Times comment piece on ‘smug cyclists’.

We’ve created some basic visualisations of the figures from last year’s report using IBM’s Many Eyes – some screengrabs are below, but click on the image to see the graphics in their full interactive glory:

Possible breaches by clause in 2008

Potential breaches of the PCC code by clause

Formal rulings made by the PCC 2007 vs 2008

Graph showing formal rulings made by the PCC in 2008 and 2007

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