Another update on the 10 doomed newspapers list

Yesterday Alan Mutter joined the bloggers dismissing the accuracy of the ‘ten most endangered newspapers in America’ list published on

Many interpreted it as coming from Time magazine, but in fact it was a post, reproduced on the site, under a syndication deal. asked its author, 24.7 Wall St’s Douglas A. McIntyre, if he defended his selections for which newspapers would next face the chop:

“The list may be viewed as controversial, but that is not its goal. The newspaper industry which was one of the largest employers in America two decades ago is falling apart. Most big cities have not comes to terms with that. This is an accurate list of which papers are at the most [at] risk and why,” McIntyre told

A spokesperson from Time confirmed that has been syndicating content from 24/7 Wall St. since January 2009. “This list was not something written by editors,” the spokesperson said.

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