Editorial redundancies at Archant Norfolk: UPDATED: 34 to go

Archant Norfolk, which publishes the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News amongst others, has announced 54 [since updated to] 34editorial redundancies as part of ongoing plans to integrate news operations at the division.

The new system, the implementation of which began more than a year ago, involves a £2 million investment by the publisher.

The publisher will enter into a consultation with staff, it confirmed in a press release.

“We have reduced staff numbers in our other departments such as marketing and advertising sales recently and editorial has not been subject to any major review in the last two years,” said Stephan Phillips, managing director, in the release.

3 thoughts on “Editorial redundancies at Archant Norfolk: UPDATED: 34 to go

  1. Anon

    It’s actually 54 out of 137 as reporters are not included in the cull, which is the most bizarre thing of all. The new system will require staff to write and sub. Most subs have experience of both, most reporters don’t. This isn’t being said out of bitterness as I am one of the “lucky” ones but just goes to prove the decision is critically misguided and misinformed.

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