A handbook to online journalism

A quick heads-up on this resource: an online reference guide for journalists: the Bighow: handbook to online journalism.

It’s quite a rough product, but some really nice touches – like the ‘quotes for journalists’ and the guides to online writing style. The ‘seven types of stories you should be doing more often’ is a nice feature too.

It’s created by Pramit Singh who blogs at http://mediavidea.blogspot.com.

We haven’t fully explored the options yet, but it looks like you can contribute yourself, once you’ve created a profile.

3 thoughts on “A handbook to online journalism

  1. Pramit Sngh

    Thanks for the heads up.

    The Guide is a work in progress. It is basically a rough sketch of skills I want to illustrate to online journalists writing for Bighow or elsewhere, which I am developing as a platform for online journalism.

    Registering for Bighow takes less than a minute. Sorry for the shameless plug. 🙂

  2. Pramit Sngh

    I forgot to mention the your readers might also want to check out the list of Citizen Journalism sites arranged by location and the list of tools for Online Journalists, both of which are part of the handbook.

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