BBC trials News Radar project – how to see the ‘whole’ BBC news site

Interesting first project prototype from the BBC’s journalism labs – the BBC News Radar: a way to track all BBC news stories as they are published/update online.

The tagline? “Monitoring low-flying news since 1998”

As Jake MacMullin points out in a blog post introducing the radar:

“One reason you may not be aware of how frequently we publish new content is that until now there has been no one place you can go to see all of the stories we publish on the news site. You can always monitor the front page or subscribe to RSS feeds of each of the various indexes you might be interested in – but you’ll only see a small sub-set of all of the stories we publish.”

Updates to stories already published are tagged in blue and in a Twitter timeline/Tweme style the automatically updating Radar page shows how long ago the new copy was published:

Screenshot of BBC news radar

An RSS feed would be nice – we’ll leave that as feedback, it’s in beta after all – but it’s a great way of seeing just how much news is being published in real-time.

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