UK Media regulation – what’s the future?

With the intention of following up with some more comprehensive ideas and suggestions, here’s a start on the regulation debate, following the publication of the Media Standards Trust’s new report (report in full at this link), which has provoked considerable discussion around the web.

Is the PCC in need of reform, and do we need a different kind of media regulatory system in the UK? To kick things off, here are two initial sets of suggestions from two bloggers – we’re aware there are plenty more suggestions out there. Have a look at these and then please do vote in the poll, which asks if you’re happy with UK media regulation. You can also Tweet @journalismnews with the tag ‘#regulation’ or comment on this post below.

So, what’s the future of media regulation in the UK?

  • Martin Belam of CurryBet (@currybet). Belam is an internet consultant, information architect and writer.


“Six things I think the PCC should act quickly to change about the way it works:”

1. End the requirement for personal involvement

2. End the requirement for a hard copy

3. Update the code to reflect the reality of online

4. Insist corrections be reported online by newspapers

5. Hold monthly meetings in public

6. Publish data

Visit to see this points expanded upon.


“I like Martin’s proposals but would go much further.”

1. Financial recompense for the victim and penalty for the publisher

2. The PCC needs to be citizen led

3. Develop a proactive capacity

Visit Cain’s own blog for full post.


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