Times Online inauguration live blog attracts 35,000

Among the inauguration day records for media sites, nice to hear of success for Times Online’s own interactive coverage – a liveblog using CoveritLive.

Run for eight-and-a-half hours and hosted on the Times’ Comment Central blog, the liveblog attracted 35,000 visitors and 50 comments a minute at its peak, according to a tweet from Tom Whitwell, assistant editor of Times Online.

2 thoughts on “Times Online inauguration live blog attracts 35,000

  1. Conrad

    Congrats to The Times. Though I still can’t help feeling that they may have missed the boat on this whole liveblogging thing. The pioneers of the format (e.g. my former employer, Engadget.com) get upwards of 10 million page views every time they do an Apple keynote. 35,000 views (even per minute) isn’t particularly impressive next to that.

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