Live stream from Gaza hosted on Ustream

This live stream ‘Live Gaza Action’, hosted on Ustream, is fast attracting attention and comments (hat tip: Al Jazeera’s head of new media, Mohamed Nanabha, @mohamed via Twitter).

According to the stream’s description, the stream is coming from Ramattan and NanaLive, ‘a Gaza news camera contractor and a Israeli news organization respectively.’

“It seems there are large blocks of Live stream of the war zone, but you’ll also see commercials and news commentary like any normal news organization,” the description says.

The stream is embedded here, but follow this link to follow the fast-paced comments alongside the live stream.

Free TV Show from Ustream

4 thoughts on “Live stream from Gaza hosted on Ustream

  1. Adil

    Another Stream, larger embed:

    Press Release:

    In January 2009 the new website was launched with the aim of bringing Arabic and Muslim media to those residing in the West.

    Thousands of users have already visited the site to view live video streams from television stations such as ‘Press TV’ and ‘Al Quds’ – a Palestinian channel that seeks to actively document the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This wave of viewers testifies to the demand for such a resource from the people dwelling in the West, a demand that and it’s strong advertising campaign, mainly aided with word of mouth is slowly seeking to fulfil.

    The site owners did not expect such rapid growth but understands the need for such a service, making it easier for the Muslim community to watch media sources that they feel they can trust. The western media has disconnected itself from the Muslim community and has caused further disenfranchisement of the youth with the constant vilification of Muslims. This has created a vacuum which this site has now filled, allowing Muslims to get information and news without feeling victimised as is done so often in western media.

    With the recent conflict and escalation of violence in Gaza, many of the Muslims from around the world have been passing the site around to watch the conflict in Gaza, with a stream from the Ramattan studios in Palestine, Al Quds and analysis from Press TV.

    This website comes at an important time in the world, where conflict in the Muslim world has escalated, highlighting even more the tensions that are having a large effect on the hearts and minds of the Muslims in the west. As more viewers connect to they will see the conflict from the other side of the fence. It is not just Muslims seeking the alternative view, but also a growing number of fellow patriots, frustrated with the heavily biased western media.



  2. Phoenix

    It’s extremely hard to find the ramattan stream, I’m not even sure what the broadcast is at the moment however Al Aqsa (Hamas’s channel) sometimes has it at night, it’s extremely hard and very rare to get the channel, but we managed to get it:

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