Asian News International signs deal with ITN Source

Asian News International (ANI) has signed a deal with ITN Source, which will allow the video content archive to license ANI’s footage globally.

ANI’s collection of video from South Asia includes the Asian films library, which dates back to the 1930s. The footage includes news, business, science, sport and lifestyle content.

ANI will become part of ITN Source’s collection, which contains more than one million hours of footage.

ITN Source has digitised 5,000 of the clips, which are available for customers to download from

“We’ve been looking to build up our Asian content for some time and ANI is the perfect mix of news, bollywood and unusual videos. ANI expands the global content base we represent and will deliver to our customers’ content needs,” Ashi Oberoi, content director, ITN Source, said in a press release.

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