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Archant and Telegraph in geotagged search launches

November 24th, 2008Posted by in Multimedia, Newspapers

Archant’s EDP24 site has released a new local business directory complete with search results plotted on a Google map, which can be refined by distance.

The directory builds on Archant’s existing jobs and property sites, Jobs24 and Homes24, which use geotagging technology to map the listings.

Built into the directory are a range of packages for advertisers looking to have a listing on the site.

Still no word on Archant’s geotagged news plans though…

In a similar vein, announced a partnership with vertical search engine Nestoria last week to ramp up its property listings.

As a blog post from Nestoria announcing the deal says:

“The partnerships has two dimensions: Telegraph users are presented with a Telegraph branded version of Nestoria property search, and Telegraph estate agents will have their 150,000+ listings displayed on Nestoria.”

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