UK-US dictionary needed for the blogosphere! is starting to think a US dictionary could be useful for this international blog lark.

Completely thrown off track with a US use of ‘chuffed’ in its negative sense

And of course, there’s the old ‘pissed’ one: you could be drunk in the UK and annoyed in the US. What other confusions have people picked up on the US/UK blog rounds?

3 thoughts on “UK-US dictionary needed for the blogosphere!

  1. Josh

    Bullish isn’t positive in British English? As in the bullish/bearish divide for stock market prognosticators? Maybe we do need some trans-Atlantic translation service. 🙂

  2. Judith Townend Post author

    OK, I stand corrected on bullish! I had checked one online definition, but now (as I should have done in first place) am consulting Collins and yes, it does mean optimistic and positive. I was distracted by these meanings:

    “a. Having a heavy muscular physique. b. Bullheaded.”

    What can I say? Standards of British education are slipping. Sorry.

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