Reflections on Blog08 and ideas for next year’s event

So the brief day that was Blog08 is over and our blogging reporter, Anne Helmond, is back home. She rounds up over on her own blog, with a few after-thoughts. She also rounds up a presentation by a blogging politician, Boris van der Ham, who has been voted the most web savvy of  Dutch House of Representatives members.

She says:

“Overall, it was a good first blog conference and I hope that next time organizers Ernst-Jan Pfauth and Edial Dekker will keep in mind that not every great blogger is a great speaker and that blogging can be approached from even more different angles and perspectives.”

Thanks to Anne for all the insightful and speedy feedback.

Meanwhile, over at the Online Journalism Blog, Paul Bradshaw – who participated in a panel – does a little piece to camera reflecting on the day’s events:

The event was ‘eclectic and random’, he says – just like blogging, but can we please get past the ‘old chestnut’ question of ‘journalism v blogging’? he asks. You can also watch some other video clips here.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Blog08 and ideas for next year’s event

  1. Ernst-Jan Pfauth

    Thanks for the insightful feedback guys, I really appreciate your comments.

    I’ve decided to give up on the journalism/ blogging discussion. Why would I wast my energy and those of others on definitions? I rather spend time on my tech blogging, whether it’s journalism or not. Maybe we should all do that. For one thing, it won’t come back at BLOG09 – we will then just show how the one medium can enrich the other.

    Once again, thanks Paul, Anne, and Judith.

  2. Judith Townend Post author

    Well, thanks really goes to Anne – for managing to get round speaking to people as well as feeding back pictures and content to her site and ours. Looking forward to next year’s!

    I agree, definition disputing can get in the way, but useful (in moderation) when they are part of discussions dealing with ethical questions and problems.

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