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Times creates Google Calendar for news agenda

September 5th, 2008Posted by in Newspapers

Tom Whitwell, communities editor for TimesOnline, dropped me a line to say he and intern John McGovern have created a Google Calendar diarising all of the title’s news agendas.

The calendar merges events published in the Times Agenda covering world affairs, business, arts and sport – all colour-coded.

Data from other news sections will be added and if you’ve already got a personal Google calendar you can add dates from the agenda to your own.

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  • Sounds great – do you have a link to the actual calendar or some further instruction on how to find it?

  • @Sarah – an oversight on my part not to include the link. Here it is

    (Have updated the blog entry to include it too)

  • Thanks for that Laura. Is it available to the public or is it a newsroom tool? I couldn’t work out how people add to it (if they do)

  • I don’t think you can add to the main calendar (e.g. the Times’ one) but if you have your own Google calender, you can add events.

    If you click on an individual event there’s the option to ‘copy to my calendar’.

  • What a fab idea! BUT they don’t seem to be updating it? There’s nothing in it past the end of April?

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