Calling all young journos: Welcome to Tomorrow’s News, Tomorrow’s Journalists and journalism blogger Dave Lee are proud to introduce a new forum for young journalists.

The Tomorrow’s News, Tomorrow’s Journalists blogging ring (or TNTJ between you and me) is a place for young journalists from across the globe to share their experiences/anxieties/ideas/random thoughts…

To take part there are just a couple of criteria:

1) you must be under 30-years-old
2) you must blog about journalism (for more details on what this entails read Dave’s introduction)

Each month a topic/question will be put up for discussion. Interested parties can register and contribute their thoughts in a blog post, which will then be published on the TNTJ site. Feel free to post away on your own blog too.

You can log in and post your entry for about a week or so after the first post – though there’ll be no time limit on leaving comments.

We’re kicking off with the following: “The biggest challenge facing a young journalist in today’s media is…”

So far we’ve had some great responses, so why not have a read, young journos, or better still post your own.

You can follow updates to TNTJ through’s journalismnews Twitter feed.

For more info or queries contact Dave Lee at or email

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