BBC’s online Olympics coverage draws 4.4m

The BBC Sport website had its ‘best ever day’ in terms of traffic on Monday 11 August with 4.4 million individual users, a blog post from Roger Mosey, director of BBC Sport, has said.

The traffic surge from the site’s Olympics coverage also saw more than 1 million users view live video streams on Friday 15.

The BBC’s iPlayer received 700,000 requests for Olympic programmes in the first week of the Games, Mosey said.

The competition – combined with the beginning of the Premiership – has also created record figures for mobile with more than 400,000 users accessing the BBC’s mobile services on Saturday – breaking the previous record of 270,000.

To report the Beijing Olympics online and on mobile the corporation has introduced six live video streams to its BBC Olympics website, an interactive map of the city and its sporting venues, an Olympics blog and expanded its mobile site to carry more video.

The coverage has also benefited from the decision to embed BBC video within pages rather than in a separate player.

2 thoughts on “BBC’s online Olympics coverage draws 4.4m

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  2. Bob Copeman

    What does 4.4 Million actually mean ? Take the BBC InterActive Option for the Olympic Football – one time on option 6 then 5 then 3 and cutting off halfway through or switching back to another option channel. At half time no analysis just a score card includign the other game which kicked off at the same time and never offered even as a delayed but entire option. To cover the London 2012 Olympics it would seem that the BBC are going to need considerably more than BBC One annoyingly switching to BBC Two as and when, BBC 3 and BBC 4. At least Six Channels allowing them to cover events like say the Hammer Final in its entirety rather than getting to it long after we have watched it comprehensively covered by British Eurosport.

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