Channel 4 news using Twitter for behind-the-scenes coverage

The Channel 4 news team is making good use of microblogging service Twitter setting up two accounts: one for news about the programme as it goes to air; the other filled with titbits by the newsroom’s blogger.

Screenshot of a tweet from the Channel 4 newsroom blogger

I’m yet to test how responsive they are to followers, but still this is a good example of using Twitter for more than pushing out your news feeds. By having two accounts the newsroom can better distinguish the kind of content they will publish on each, which is good for those following too.

UPDATE – good thing: @channel4news isn’t a one-way street and will happily respond to followers.

Bad thing: Between and us, we may have outed them… don’t let the tweets stop.

Screenshot of Twitter response from @channel4news to @lauraoliver

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