France: Les Echos goes mobile and new cit-j site launches

Les Echos has launched a mobile site – http://www.m.lesechos.frthe Editors’ Weblog reports.

The site will feature a mobile version of the daily and can be accessed by non-subscribers to Les Echos, though some content may be restricted to subscribers only.

Elsewhere, also reported by the Editors’ Weblog, Jérôme Bouvier, president of the Journalism and Citizenship Association, has launced a site to match up professional journalists with citizen reporters.

On the Vu des quartiers [‘seen from the neighbourhood’] site, the citizen journalists will decide on issues to report on and act as writers overseen by the professionals. The aim is to build stronger links with areas, which may feel out-of-touch with the media.

According to the report, which was originally in Le Monde, around 60 pros have already signed up to the project, which will run until the second round of the country’s forthcoming municipal elections on March 16.

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