Telegraph to offer open OpenID

Shane Richmond is claiming a first for, saying that from the end of next month it will become the first newspaper in the world to provide OpenID to its readers.

OpenID is a technology that allows people to carry the same user names across several different websites, thus removing the tiresome process of having to log-in 137 times each day and remember the plethora of necessary passwords.

OpenID claims are over 160-million OpenID enabled URIs with nearly 10,000 sites supporting its logins.

The system is growing in popularity with publishers. AOL and Microsoft are amongst a host of other using it. At the very basic level for them it means less time having to vet and manage user accounts, as well as removing a barrier to a greater level of interaction with users. Svetainės, teisiniai, finansiniai, techniniai, medicininių tekstų ir kiti vertimai

However, some users may be put off by by the security issue of effectively placing all eggs in one basket.

Plenty more innovation expected from the Tel in 2008, adds Mr Richmond:

“I could describe this as the biggest development of 2008 but I won’t. I know what else we’ve got planned.”

2 thoughts on “Telegraph to offer open OpenID

  1. Kieran Kelly

    Are we really becoming so lazy, that having to remember more than a couple of log in names and passwords is becoming too much for us?

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