Multiple RSS feed widgets

This is a nifty and simple little widget that allows you to have multiple RSS feeds in a single place through introducing a drop down menu function:

Clearly, my innate inability with technology is preventing me from actually getting it in the blog at the moment (could also be partly the curse of the dreaded WP multi-user rising again), but if I ever figure it out I’ll add it rather than just link to it.

UPDATE (and Ed’s note): We needed a plugin to allow Javascript within blog posts. To use this widget yourself, click “download” at the bottom of the widget, and you will be presented with a range of options for using it on various blogging and social platforms, as well as downloading to your PC or Mac desktop.


[script id=”script-id” type=”text/javascript” src=””]
[script type=”text/javascript”]
var width= “OK”;
var widgetPrefs = new Array();
widgetPrefs[“url”] = “{r}”;
widgetPrefs[“lang”] = “en”;
widgetPrefs[“r”] = “News”;
widgetPrefs[“header”] = “pub/journalism_co_uk”;
widgetPrefs[“skin”] = “”;
widgetPrefs[“count”] = “10”;
widgetPrefs[“mode”] = “list”;
widgetPrefs[“_tracking”] = “WidgetAvenue”;
widgetPrefs[“refresh”] = “3600000”;
widgetPrefs[“_width_”] = “”;
widgetPrefs[“_docked_”] = “”;
widgetPrefs[“source”] = “”;


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