AFP launches global news diary

Agence France-Presse (AFP) has launched a service called Global News Agenda – an editorial resource, essentially a searchable diary list, of newsworthy events in 2008.

AFP claims it’s a world’s first, compiled by its 2,400 reporter across the planet

The claims:

  • Over 5,000 future events providing a wealth of story-leads and features ideas.
  • More than 200 countries covered.
  • Researched by over 2,400 AFP journalists in 160 bureaux worldwide.
  • Five “at a glance” categories indexed by date, country and region.

But it’s only available in English and costs £145 for a password to the online edition.

You can also – and I can’t understand this really – get a printed edition. How would you keep it updated? Write in the margin? Do they send you extra pages through the year?

2 thoughts on “AFP launches global news diary

  1. James Brown

    Hi Oliver

    saw your comment re the AFP Agenda which is a collaboration between ForesightNews and AFP

    We are actually planning to have the online updated and email bulletins etc etc of course; re Hard Copy and updates in fact just over 50% of those who have ordered the Agenda (from the UK to USA to Australia), have requested the hard copy; we guess that there is still something aesthetically pleasing/tangible about having a fat, heavy book on the shelf!
    Anyway, this is not intended as an advert, but you raised an entirely valid point and thought should at least comment


  2. Tom Arms

    I am afraid that AFP Global Agenda is a long way from a first. Future Events News Service ( has been producing its world report since 1987. It is updated in real time, looks forward years, contains contact details, a searchable international contacts database, an archive of past events as well as its forward diary and email alerts. It is searchable by region, every country and over 100 categories. Sorry Foresight/AFP you got it wrong.

    — Tom

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