Google to go glossy with magazine patent?

Google has patented a DIY publishing service for magazines, according to reports from TechCrunch.

The patent, which was filed on May 2 2006, states that the service would feature:

“…personalized content from a plurality of content sources. The personalized content is based on user input. The method further includes receiving a personalized advertisement based on user input, and creating a customized publication including the personalized content and the personalized advertisement.”

But, and I realise the patent was filed 18 months ago, it’s curious for Google to be contemplating what is essentially a traditional print medium given its all-singing, all-dancing online presence.



Above is a mock-up, courtesy of Matt Hickey at CrunchGear. (Somehow it’s exactly as I imagined – does that mean Google is already tapping into my ‘personalised content’?)

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