Time to clean up your online image

Reuters today reported on the growing need for candidates to not only consider polishing their CVs but also their online image before applying for a job.

With the growing popularity of social network sites – and the use of search engines like Google – employers are using online searches to see if the well-rounded image you portray on your CV is really the case.

As a result, new companies have been emerging into the market providing clean-up services for jobseekers. For a monthly fee, ReputationDefender.com goes beyond search engine sites into the realms of password-protected areas to report back on your online profile.

We here at Journalism.co.uk have searched online for information about candidates, with some very interesting results. However, unlike the 40 per cent of employers reported in this article, it hasn’t been the deciding factor in whether we hire someone.

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  1. London

    You can also use social network sites to your advantage I feel, using blog posts and online Cv’s to attract headhunters or recruitment agencies however I agree that its very important to keep a “clean” image on these sites. I know of several IT Recruitment agencies that will actively search social media sites.

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