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#Tip: Research-based pointers for telling news stories with video

By dominicotine on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

By dominicotine on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism has – fittingly – created a video outlining the key findings of a study into video produced by news outlets. The video explains the key results, which could prove helpful for those trying to establish their own approach to video journalism, although the video adds that “these suggestions will not work for all newsrooms”.

Having said that though, it did identify “patterns of success”, and the video shares 10 key observations around how to produce effective video, including reference to collaboration, social media strategy around video content and pre-roll advertising advice.

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#Tip: Advice on how to report on finances responsibly

Host of Radio 4’s Moneybox Paul Lewis shares advice for other journalists on best practice when covering money-related subjects in this video on the BBC Academy website.

Lewis covers subjects such as using straight-forward language, the mentioning of products and the importance of solid background research.

On the wider subject of working with numbers, check out this guide from 2012 on ensuring accuracy when sharing statistics-focused news.

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#Tip: Imagejunkies blog well worth a visit for video journalists

I recently came across a great blog called Imagejunkies, which offers a variety of posts documenting life in the field, as well as more practical advice, such as ‘ten tips for filming in extreme cold weather’, ‘how to remove audio hiss in FCP 7′ and ‘how to clean your lenses’ – all of which is likely to be of value to video journalists.

The blog, described as being “for professionals by professionals”, was set up by Christian Parkinson.

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#Podcast: How 2 publishers approach YouTube for online video

November 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Broadcasting, Podcast

YouTube is officially the largest video-hosting platform in the world. It claims a billion unique users each month watch six billion hours of footage, a total up 50 per cent on last year. The audience and demand for online video is vast and, with 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, there is more and more choice and competition.

So how can publishers take advantage of this platform? In this podcast, we speak to two video producers about what has worked for them in making their YouTube channels a success.

We speak to:

  • Al Brown, head of video, Vice UK
  • David Boddington, head of video production, games and film, Future Publishing

You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the podcast feed on iTunes.

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#Tip: Watch video of social video panel from Social Media Summit

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

The BBC College of Journalism has posted video on YouTube of a panel on creating social video, which was held at the Social Media Summit in New York last month.

The panel featured Roy Sekoff, president and co-creator of HuffPost Live, Katherine Zaleski, managing editor of NowThis News and Olivia Ma, head of news and media partnerships at Google+. Watch the video below to hear more about some of the different approaches being taken in making video a more social experience for news consumers, across platforms.

And here’s more on HuffPost Live as well as NowThisNews, on their approaches to social video,

Hat tip: Paul Bradshaw, who also posted the video on his Tumblr

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#Podcast: A look at the different ways news sites use live video

March 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Broadcasting, Podcast

News outlets are often looking at new and interesting ways to use video to tell stories online, and live video offers news sites a great opportunity to offer audiences different live experiences of the news agenda, from as-it-happens coverage at the heart of the story, to live video discussions in a news studio environment.

In this week’s podcast we look at some of the different ways news outlets – including the Telegraph, Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post – use live video on digital platforms and some of the benefits they enjoy as a result.

In order of appearance, the podcast hears from:

  • Jonas Vig, co-founder and chief executive, Bambuser
  • Nick Martin, news correspondent, Sky News
  • James Weeks, head of video, Telegraph Media Group
  • Sue Brooks, director of transformation, Associated Press
  • Andy Regal, executive producer, Wall Street Journal Digital Video Network
  • Roy Sekoff, president/co-creator, HuffPost Live
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#Tip of the day for journalists: Video interview skills

February 13th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted by in Broadcasting, Top tips for journalists
Video camera Flickr credit

By jsawkins on Flickr. Some rights reserved

On Poynter Casey Frechette offers some useful pointers on carrying out video interviews, from planning through to filming.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.

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The Sun launches ‘multimedia studio’ with video webchat

January 24th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Broadcasting, Multimedia

Sun webchat

The Sun has launched a new “multimedia studio”, which it used this week to host a video webchat with actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The studio will not be in full-time use until February, but Schwarzenegger helped open the studio on Tuesday (22 January).

The 30 minute webchat used the Showcaster platform to provide live video from their new studio, alongside a chatbox in which users could post questions. The questions were moderated and put to Schwarzenegger by showbiz editor Gordon Smart.

A video of the interview was then posted on the Sun’s online ‘showbiz’ section, accompanied by a write-up of the interview focusing on the show-business related aspects of his answers.

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Tip of the day for journalists: Recording good audio as a self-shooter

A video on the BBC College of Production website offers tips from Helen Hutchinson of the BBC Academy on how to ensure good quality audio when working as a self-shooter.

See the video here.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.

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#Tip of the day for journalists: Radio journalism pointers from a Wannabe Hack

September 28th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Broadcasting, Top tips for journalists

Image by M. Keefe on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

On the Wannabe Hacks website Jenni Graham offers some advice for other student journalists thinking about gaining experience in radio journalism, based on her own experiences. Her pointers include tips on getting involved with student radio stations as well as making contacts and gaining experience in the industry.

See the full post here.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.

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