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App of the week for journalists: Prismatic, for filtering social news

App of the week: Prismatic

Phones: iPhone

Cost: free

What is it? A social newsreader app that lets you see and respond to tweets about a news story.

How is it of use to journalists? Prismatic gives journalists a way of filtering and personalising news feeds on an iPhone. has highlighted several social newsreaders in ‘app of the week’ including Flipboard and Zite.

As with other social newsreader apps (there’s a list of 10 here), Prismatic asks users to connect one or more accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. You can also set your location to gather news feeds from your area.

Prismatic then mashes the news sources, delivering a personalised news feed.


One feature that helps Prismatic stand out from the crowd of other social news reader apps is that you are able to see a few tweets at the bottom of a news story (see the picture above right). And in addition to reading the tweets, you can reply or retweet from within the app.

Once you have created an account you can also view your feeds on a desktop.

Hat tip: ReadWriteWeb, which has a feature on Prismatic, which explains ‘how to filter the social web on your mobile‘.

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