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Video by The Times outlines thinking behind Olympic wraps and community reaction

August 14th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Photography

The Times has published a video today on YouTube which hears from deputy editor Keith Blackmore, design editor Jon Hill and deputy picture editor Elizabeth Orcutt, as well as communities editor Ben Whitelaw, about the thinking behind its Olympic wraps. As Blackmore says:

The first one was terrifying. Once you made a commitment to do it, and we’d committed right from the start to do this every single day of the Olympic games … you’ve got to do it.

The video includes a look at the decision behind the very first wrap, which wanted to visualise the dawning of the Olympics in London. The Times sent a photographer out every morning the week ahead of the Olympics to photograph the sun coming up over the Olympic stadium, before it was decided a shot of the London Bridge with its Olympic rings was the better shot for the job.

The video, which can be played below, also talks about the reaction to the wraps on social media from the community.

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#Podcast – Engaged storytelling: Top tips on building interactives for local and national media

July 27th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Online Journalism, Podcast

Big news events, such as the Olympic games which are officially opened later today, provide news outlets with great opportunities to offer their audiences a broad range of coverage, from traditional news reports to digitally led user experiences incorporating live and social technologies.

This week’s podcast looks at the processes involved for building interactives, whether focused on news events with long lead-in times or more day-to-day stories. The podcast features plenty of tips from interactive storytelling experts on the winning formula for an engaging interactive, and what elements should be prioritised when working on such projects.

In the order they appear, the podcast below hears from:

  • Alastair Dant, lead interactive technologist, the Guardian
  • Martin Jefferies, chief reporter, KM Group
  • Conrad Quilty-Harper, interactive news editor, the Telegraph
  • Shannon Perkins, editor of interactive technology,

Here are a couple of links which look at projects referred to in the podcast, which may also be of interest:

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