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#Tip: Check out this easy guide to Vine

November 27th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Top tips for journalists

News organisations are increasingly using microvideo platforms to give readers quick reports or behind-the-scenes views on stories and news events. Vizibee gives 75 seconds, Tout allows 45 seconds and Instagram lets users make 15-second videos. But Vine, with only six seconds, represents more of a challenge. What can you really show in six seconds?

A new website featuring guides, dos and don’ts, examples from different sectors, comparisons with other microvideo platforms and much more was launched by digital PR agency Net Intelligenz recently. Not only is it a free guide to getting the most out of Vine, but it also provides ideas and inspiration on how it could be used by journalists, editors, publishers and organisations.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.
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#Podcast: The rise of microvideo in online news

May 10th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Mobile, Multimedia, Podcast

The rising tide of microvideo apps for smartphones is an increasing feature in online and mobile news reporting. This podcast looks at what is driving this change, some of the different platforms being used and what this could potentially mean for how news is received and reported in online and mobile forms in the future.

We speak to:

  • Michael Downing, founder and CEO, Tout
  • Jim Brady, editor-in-chief, Digital First Media
  • Neha Manaktala, chief operations officer, Vizibee
  • Marc Settle, trainer in mobile journalism, BBC College of Journalism
  • Michael Anastasi, vice president and executive editor, Los Angeles Newspaper Group

You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.

We will have more on next week from the podcast interviewees on this subject.

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