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Simple ways to embed a tweet in a news story

If you have ever wanted to include a tweet in a story and have opted for a screengrab instead of embedding it, here are two easy ways to save you time.

Blackbird Pie

It is a year since Twitter released Blackbird Pie, which turns a tweets URL into embeddable code.

1. Click on the timestamp on a tweet (where it says ’1 minute ago’);

2. Copy the URL code and paste it into Blackbird Pie, click ‘bake it’ and copy and paste the code into your story;

3. Preview your story to see the tweet.
WordPress plugins

There’s a Blackbird Pie WordPress plugin but we like the Embedly WordPress plugin. Embedly allows URLs for dozens of other websites (including YouTube, Qik and Facebook) to be displayed as content-rich images.

It is a good solution for anyone who has problems when saving HTML in WordPress and is even easier to use as you simply paste the tweet’s URL into WordPress and it is automatically converted.

1. Download the plugin and add to WordPress;

2. Select which sites you want to embed in your blog;

3. Simply paste the URL of the tweet (by clicking the timestamp) into WordPress.

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