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#Podcast – Google+ at one: Lessons from and

June 29th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Podcast

It is one year since Google+ was launched, with news outlets and brands being given the ability to create pages in November.

In this podcast we hear how and have each achieved more than one million followers on the platform in just seven months. technology editor Sarah Marshall speaks to:

  • Cathy Sharick, managing editor of
  • Bede McCarthy, executive editor of
  • Sunny Hundal, founder of Rippla, which measures the social media ‘ripples’ of news stories

Sharick and McCarthy share their lessons, tips and future plans for Time magazine and the Financial Times Google+ pages and Hundal explains research he has carried out into the number of stories being shared on Google+.

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You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.


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App of the week for journalists: Stamped, where Time is sharing film reviews

June 27th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in App of the Week, Freelance

App of the week: Stamped

Devices: iPhone

Cost: Free

What is it? An iPhone app that allows you to share and discover recommendations for films, books, music, restaurants and more.

How is it of use to journalists? This app is one social media managers should be aware of, music journalists and anyone who writes book, film or restaurant reviews.

The app, which launched in November by ex-Google employees, works not by encouraging users to give a restaurant, book, film or track a star rating, but people add a stamp and a line explaining “what makes it stampworthy”.

A handful of news sites have pushed out reviews with links to their sites, including New York Magazine and the Austin Chronicle, which share restaurant reviews, and Time magazine, which is posting its “all-time 100 movies” and recent film reviews.

Stamped users can then comment or like a review, engaging with the news site.


During a wider conversation about the use of social media at Time, Cathy Sharick, managing editor of, told how her team started using Stamped about six weeks ago.

The way we look at new platforms is that we like to get there in early and see what happens.

I think over the next few months they have some things coming out that will probably grow their audience so we want to see where it goes.

A few specialist journalists, including movie critic Peter Travers, share their reviews and engage with users of the network.

Other journalists have also recommended and reviewed products (such as Instapaper, Apple TV and Google Maps).

For more on Stamped see this post on TechCrunch.

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