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#Tip of the day for journalists: Use this tool to find out when a Twitter contact amends their bio

Image by shawncampbell on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Image by shawncampbell on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

New job titles can provide stories for journalists, and while many reporters are familiar with keeping tabs on their contacts via LinkedIn, perhaps fewer do so by using a tool to find out when Twitter bios are updated.

In this guide to searching social media we published earlier today, we recommend a tool called ‘Bio is changed’. It was brought to our attention by Jack Hage.

The tool allows you to sign up for email notifications so that you are alerted when a Twitter contact changes their bio. You can also check out the bio history of a person.

And as I said in the guide, if I had been using this tool earlier this month I would have noted a bio change in Alastair Dant’s profile which would have provided a news story as he is leaving the Guardian’s interactive team which he heads up and heading to the New York Times.

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